Looking Glass Quotes 

Serenity was the first word that came into my mind when I first heard his album.  The songs are well-structured and full of positive vibes.  They give you a good feeling of tranquility and inner balance.  I really enjoyed songs like “I Remember Now”, “A Place for Two” or “Don’t Walk Away” for the pure emotions they conveyed.  My favourite is “Your Love”, that caught my attention from its first chord.  The guitar played a very important role in this album, being instrument, spirit and inspiration.  It gave the lyrics a magical touch.  

Diana Bucuroiu - OldiesMusicBlog (May 15, 2011) 

This is really a very nice effort best described as melodic, peaceful, even sweet. There are a couple of instrumentals tossed in but most songs are concise introspective vignettes. Recommended! 

Toby Thomas - Silver Moon Music (Jan 17, 2011) 

There is a very pleasant and positive air to it all, great melodies and harmonies all over that make you feel good. The guitar is used in a very poetic and delicate way. The production is also very good. 

Bjarne O. - Virtual Orchestra Music (Jan 15, 2011) 

'I Remember Now' is a jangling and relaxing guitar piece with a Calypso like feeling. 'If I Had Time' is a touching song about the time in one's life and how it can grow too short too quickly to say everything you want to. ‘Your Love’ is a concise two-minute song, well paced, and well played. The album's closer, ‘Finally Home’, is another solid instrumental with a guitar tonal quality reminiscent of late 80’s early 90’s brit-pop of bands like The La's, and The Chameleons. The overall feel is quaint and inviting whether it be on the instrumentals, or the songs with vocals 

Heath Andrews - Review You (Dec 21, 2010) 

Good stuff! 

Derek Sivers - sivers.org (Dec 19, 2010)