Tom has been writing and recording songs for a long time. After performing his Beatlesque original 'All I Want to Say' on a national television PBS broadcast at age 17, Tom went on to spend most of the late 70's on a Kerouac-like journey, writing and recording songs on 4-track tape at home in Pittsburgh, then heading out to play them in coffee houses from Denver to San Francisco.

Migrating to NYC in the 80's, Tom spent much time at legendary Bell Sound studios, as well as a number of other now-defunct big studios, recording a string of soulful and sometimes quirky pop songs, which eventually landed a contract with Emergency Records. Despite critical accolades and wide early distribution, Emergency declined to release the single and dropped out.

In the early 90's, Tom played guitar and contributed songs to Hipster Dufus, a popular Pittsburgh alt-rock outfit, before retreating to his home studio to record a collection of original songs that culminated in the 1999 indie release Stone Tablet. Essentially demo quality, these songs nonetheless garnered attention on college and indie radio for the intriguing songwriting and arrangements. One of them ('Can't Feel Sad') landed on Starflower, a Silver Moon Records tribute to the spirit of Brian Wilson that included songs from artists such as R. Stevie Moore, XTC's Dave Gregory, and Utopia sideman Moogie Klingman.

Sometime in the mid to late 00's, Tom went back to the home studio to record a set of reflective songs and haunting melodies written over the years that cried out to be properly captured. With the help of engineer and friend Jeff Buck, much time was spent polishing these into a shiny collection called Looking Glass. Songs from this album were featured on a number of blog sites and it also generated  some interesting  reviews and interviews.