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Tom Getter Slack: Buy

Looking Glass

Buy the CD

Cool package that you won't get from iTunes. Complete with credits and details about the songs, the performances, and the production.

Stone Tablet

Buy the CD

Still popular!  Still available!

Buy the Old Fashioned Way - With NO Shipping Charges

Tired of paying almost half of what a CD costs just for shipping? Me too. That's why I'm offering this deal - buy either or both of these albums by sending a check or money order to the following address, and you'll get delivery free of charge.

Hilltop Pines Publishing
9508 Orchard Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Looking Glass: $8.99
Stone Tablet: $5.99

Please make checks payable to Tom Getter Slack. Include a note with the name and quantity of the album(s) you want and where to ship them.  And tell me something about yourself!