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Tom Getter Slack: News

Tom Getter Slack on Radical Indie - August 27, 2011

Soon you will be able to mix tunes from Looking Glass in with your other favorite indie artists for an awesome playlist! Go check it out and enter your email to be informed when it goes live:

Radio Crystal Blue Feature - June 11, 2011

Radio Crystal Blue, a pioneer in freeform internet radio and podcasting, is featuring tracks from Looking Glass on this week's Novus Ordo show, a weekly podcast devoted to indie and underground songwriters and bands releasing new material.

To listen to the show, go to to

There are three FeedPlayers, one of which contains the most recent editions of Radio Crystal Blue, which is where you'll find Novus Ordo. If you cannot see the Player, either get Flash/Shockwave for your browser, or go to the following alternate site:

Such Cool Stuff Interview - June 9, 2011

Click the link below and head on over to Such Cool Stuff to find out the connection between Wollensack and Pro Tools, and why Tom will be voluntarily entering an isolation chamber soon:

BlazinRy Radio Show - June 1, 2011

Listen as Tom talks with Ryan (along with co-guest Rebecca Loebe - NBC's The Voice) on the fabulous BlazinRy Radio show in NYC:

Looking Glass Reviewed On Oldies Music Blog - May 15, 2011

The venerable Oldies Music Blog, which normally devotes coverage to the legendary music generated during that heyday of creative output known as The 60s, took some time out to cover Looking Glass (Tom Getter Slack, circa 2010).  Check it out!

Future Dream on Ed's Mixed Bag - February 27, 2011

Ed Ovett's super cool podcast Ed's Mixed Bag is spinning "Future Dream" along with a bunch of other great tunes. Check out Episode #244 - and send him an email to congratulate him on his retirement (less work equals more play).

Tom's on The Little Lighthouse (Again) - January 13, 2011

Stanislav Zabic's pioneering podcast show The Little Lighthouse celebrated it's 10th anniversary today, and Tom Getter Slack was a featured artist. 

This show was around when podcasts were just starting to get off the ground, and Stanislav discovered Tom that first year  by way of the Silver Moon Music release Starflower: Celebrating The Spirit Of Brian Wilson & The Beach Boys. The 10th anniversary show plays segments from the very first podcast, and wraps up with two songs from Tom, including "Can't Feel Sad" from the Stone Tablet release, and "Your Love" from the new Looking Glass CD.

Like fine wine, good things get better with age. Check it out!

CD Price Just Reduced - December 13, 2010

You can now buy the CD for $8.99, a 30% discount from list price. It's the same price you'll pay for an iTunes album download and you get the full package with liner notes and details about performance, production, and song information. Also discounted: Full album digital download for just $7.99!

Download Looking Glass Tunes from Your Favorite Sites - December 12, 2010

All songs from the Looking Glass release are now available for preview and download from your favorite music sites, including iTunes, Napster,Rhapsody, and many others.

Looking Glass CD Available for Purchase Now - November 28, 2010

Physical distribution for Looking Glass, the long awaited second independent release from Tom Getter Slack, has commenced prior to digital distribution. Get in ahead of those slackers who only buy what iTunes tells them to buy! Those folks will never know how cool the CD packaging is. And what a perfect Christmas present - just try gift wrapping some .m4a files! Check it out.

Looking Glass Release Date is December 7th - November 14, 2010

The new album from Tom Getter Slack is in production and will be available for general consumption on December 7th!  Titled "Looking Glass", it's a collection of intriguing songs and beautiful instrumentals written over the course of many years.  Go to to preview two of them now!

Stone Tablet Lyrics Available - August 1, 2010

Due to unprecedented demand, the lyrics for Stone Tablet are finally available!

Get 'em here.

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