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Tom Getter Slack: Blog

I'm Still Alive

Posted on April 29, 2017
And deeply ashamed at the negligence of this website. I promise better attention in the very near future. In the meanwhile, I do have some updates.
Over the past 5 years or so, I have been having these dreams in which songs present themselves to me in completely finished form. I feel they are a gift, or maybe my muse crying out to be heard in the face of my own real world negligence to indulge it. As much as possible, I woke up and dug up my little zoom recorder and scratched out a quick rendition. Other times, I just wrote down what I could about it.
Two years ago, my home studio was pretty much ruined due to a leaky roof. I was lucky that the equipment was not damaged (I had it covered), but I had to gut the place and rebuild it. It was sort of a blessing in disguise, because it is much, much nicer now, with functional windows and climate control. And the mouse shit and squirrel stash is all gone (it's an outbuilding, hard to keep the critters away).
After I put everything back, the first [...]
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Robots - Spiders - Or Real People??

Posted on March 25, 2012

Hi Everyone (who is not a Robot or Spider),

I'd like to start with an apology for letting the dust settle on this blog for so long.  After the flurry of activity that followed my last CD release, I sort of retreated back into my little hermit world.  I'd had enough of talking about myself and my music for awhile. Just wanted to give it a rest.

So today I decided to blow the dust off the usage stats section of my web site admin tool, expecting  to see that my daily visit average had likely dwindled to a figure I could count on one hand. To my surprise, it has actually risen since my hiatus, to upwards of 75 to 100 unique visits a day. 

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Song Story #9 - Finally Home

Posted on June 5, 2011

Every song has a story. The 9 songs on Looking Glass are no exception. This is the final installment of a blog series to talk about how each of them came about.

There are times, often late at night in the studio, when I just plug in the electric, pick some spacy effects, and start improvising. Sometimes fully realized melodies in verse/chorus structure come out. If I'm not stupid about it (which I often am), I'll remember to hit record on one of the devices so I can at least come back to it later.

Finally Home is one of those tunes I picked up from the scrapbook of these types of recordings. (I've got a lot more, believe me.) When I found it, I realized it would fit nicely with the sweet, melodic focus I was shaping up for the Looking Glass collection.

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Song Story #8 - A Place for Two

Posted on May 22, 2011

Every song has a story. The 9 songs on Looking Glass are no exception. This is the eighth installment of a blog series to talk about how each of them came about.

As I've discussed in the notes about other songs on Looking Glass, there are instrumentals and there are songs with unfinished lyrics.  I feel that A Place for Two really could have gone either way, but ultimately ended up being an instrumental.

I had the first line of a chorus in my mind that went something like "When she comes, we'll make a place for two".  It was written during the same period of time as "Should Have Known Better", which was a breakup song, but this was written before the utlimate breakup.  So it was really meant to be a hopeful song but, ironically, seems kind of sad now - or maybe that's just my personal feeling.  Others have told me the hopeful feeling is what strikes them, which is fine with me.  At first it was titled "When She Comes", and later changed to "A Place for Two".

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Song Story #7 - Waiting For You

Posted on May 8, 2011

Every song has a story. The 9 songs on Looking Glass are no exception. This is the seventh installment of a blog series to talk about how each of them came about.

Back in the early 80's, I was living in a rented cottage with my band mates in Lake Ronkonkoma New York, a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere, er, I mean Long Island. The Slack Brothers Band consisted of myself, my brother John, Pat Woods on piano, Mike Franco on bass, and a litany of drummers. We were part cover band (the only way to get gigs on Wrong Island), but also played originals. We recorded some very nice demos at Sound Heights studio in Brooklyn Heights (no longer around, of course), but never garnered enough interest in our sort of blue-eyed soul/pop sound to get a record contract.

During this period of time, I borrowed my engineer friend Tim's TEAC 1/4-inch reel-to-reel tape deck and spent my spare time doing some experimental recordings of instrumental tracks. At the time, I had a day job packing musical instruments for shipment from a warehouse, which is a tad ironic, but I did come across some cool stuff on the scrap heap - including this little primitive touch-key moog-like synthesizer known as the WASP. It was highly unpredictable, but it had some real cool sounds and effects, and I used it to lay down a lot of these tracks.

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